Our everyday life at the orphanage

5 a.m. - Rise & Breakfast

We are all early risers and most of us even by choice. Very early in the morning we wash ourselves and get dressed. Some still need help from our mothers. Sometimes it can get quite noisy in the morning. Those who are ready sooner are already looking for the chicken eggs in our garden.

When everyone is ready, we go to the dining room. There are currently 4 baby chairs, 2 toddler tables with benches and a big table for the big children. Our mothers have prepared the food so far and then distribute it to us.

7.30 a.m. - Going to school

It's almost 7.30 and we start walking towards school. But luckily the school is not far away, so we can walk there every day. Before we start at 8 o'clock, we play a little in the classroom.

12 noon - Lunch break

It is now lunch time, which means we now have a big break from 12 to 3 pm. During this time we go home again and have lunch and then it's sleep or play time. Usually the younger ones sleep while the older children play in the garden or visit dad in the office.

3 pm - Back to school

At 3 p.m., classes continue at the school. But fortunately only for 2 hours. School finishes at 5 pm and we can go home again to play as much as we like until dinner.

6 pm - Dinner

In the evening, our mothers prepare dinner. Now everyone is very hungry. But some children still prefer to play and don't want to come for dinner, so we help our mothers to collect the little rascals.

7 pm - Go to sleep

After dinner we clean up. Then we wash and prepare for the night. Some children go to evening prayer in the outhouse, the others continue playing.

Now it is bedtime. Sometimes we don't feel like sleeping, then we try to stay awake as long as possible. But it is slowly getting quieter, the smallest children have been sleeping for a long time. But the big ones also get tired at some point after such a long day.