The number of orphans is increasing worldwide. Humanity First works against this trend and finances accommodation, food and education for orphans.

In the year 2015, Humanity First Deutschland e.V. opened the orphanage Daroul Ikram (House of the Honourable) in Benin. Currently, 50 children live there.

On the donation page of Humanity First Deutschland e.V. you have the possibility to donate any amount for the orphanage.

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Project sponsorship orphanage from € 15

Our orphanage Ahmadiyya Daroul Ikram takes in defenceless children and gives them a perspective. Independent of the costs for the maintenance of the children, there are also fixed costs. These include, for example, maintenance and personnel costs.

Project sponsors support the orphanage with a fixed monthly contribution

Become a project sponsor for the orphanage and help to run this place of refuge for the children.